Our History

Fair Play Presbyterian Church was organized with 20 members in September 1903 and was dedicated in 1905. A windstorm blew the church down in July 1914. After collecting insurance money, the members began the construction of a new building. The new sanctuary was not as large as the original church, but was still quite an accomplishment considering the financial climate of the time.

During the 1970’s the Fellowship Hall was built. It was paid for by donations, including funds raised by the church youth. In the late 1970’s a generous member donated funds for the second floor plumbing, flooring and electrical system. Labor for the project was donated by two Clemson students.

The sanctuary was renovated in the 1980’s through the efforts of many church members, as well as friends from the community. During this time, a piano and organ were also donated, as was additional land for expanding the cemetery and ading the educational wing. In 1986 a new roof was installed, and in 1987 the sanctuary received new siding. In 2000, land was purchased from Clayborn Durham to expand the parking lot. Additional improvements have been made in recent years, including extensive sanctuary refurbishment in 2004, and an upgraded commercial kitchen.

In 2011 and 2012 the new playground, Easter Garden, prayer walk and outdoor pavilion was added to improve the grounds for church members and community to enjoy.