Fair Play Presbyterian Church, located in Fair Play, South Carolina, is a member church of the Foothills Presbytery, in the Synod of the South Atlantic of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Fair Play Presbyterian Church was organized with 20 members in September 1903 and was dedicated in 1905.

In July 1914, the building was blown down by a windstorm and practically demolished. After collecting some insurance money, the members began the construction of a new building. The new sanctuary was not as large as the original church, but still quite an accomplishment considering the financial climate of the time.

A lot of work has been done between then and now. Many renovations have taken place over the years, including new wiring, a new heating system, windows, carpeting, purchases of two additional parcels of land adjacent to the original, a new playground, an Easter Garden, an outdoor pavilion, an addition to the church, a classroom, a Fellowship Hall, a kitchen, restrooms, a fire escape, and numerous security cameras.

Currently, our church is blessed with gifted and dedicated members. Our Staff and Elders work hard to accomplish all that is required of a growing ministry and our future is brighter than ever. Our men’s and women’s groups exist to encourage all to develop intimate relationships with God and each other that result in a servant’s heart and ministry to home, church, and community. The warmth and friendship of the membership has continued to distinguish the Fair Play Presbyterian Church as a beacon of love in the community.

Our purpose is to serve Jesus Christ with such devotion that everyone will know the love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Worship services and church activities are open to everyone. It is our intent to share a ministry of love and compassion that will strengthen the lives of all people. Our desire is to serve our Risen Lord, to minister faithfully in the community, and to give all honor and glory to God, Our Heavenly Father. To God Be the Glory!